Former students

Visiting researcher

Oldrich Tomasek (2018-2019)

Project title: International collaboration in ecological and evolutionary biology of vertebrates.

Current position: Post-doctoral research fellow, Institute of Vertebrate Biology of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

Post-doctoral fellows

Valérie Jarry (2015-2017)

Project title: Influences of nutrition and socioeconomic context on physiological dysregulation and aging

Current position: Research professional, Montréal West Island Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre, Douglas Mental Health University Institute

Maimouna Bagna (2014-2017)

        Project title: Utilization of data mining methods to understand the complexity of the aging process

Clarence Schmitt (2017)

        Project title: Eco-physiology: where are we now and where are we going next

        Current position: Temporary Lecturer and Research Assistant, Pierre and Marie Curie University (France)

Jean-François Noël (2014)

Project title: The alternative proteome: a new paradigm in translational research and personalized medicine

Current position: Project manager, PhenoSwitch Bioscience

Patrick Bergeron (2013-2014)

Project title: Applied studies on cardiovascular diseases and meteorology/climate relationship in Quebec

Current position: Assistant professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Bishop's University

Qing Li (2013-2015)

Titre du projet : Informatics and statistics of aging biology through biomarkers analysis.

Poste actuel : Associate professor, School of Economics and Management, Xinjiang University

Emmanuel Milot (2012-2014)

Project title: Aging mechanisms study from longitudinal human population data : Physiological dysregulation hypothesis testing

Current position: Professor, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières

André Ngamini Ngui (2011-2012)

Project title: Schizophrenia spatial modeling in Quebec : A GWR approach

Former position (deceased): Associate professor, Department of Psychology, Université du Québec à Montréal

Master students

Vincent Morissette-Thomas (2013-2015)

Project title: Multivariate analysis of inflammatory biomarkers to better characterize their impact on the aging process

Mariem Fourati (2012-2015)

Project title: A method for the estimation of residual confusion effect on regression analyses 

Francis Dusseault-Bélanger (2011-2013)

Project title: Principal component analysis as a biostatistic tool : A routine to study biomarkers structure 

Undergrad interns

Alexandre Racine, Ecology student (2018)

Nicolas Raymond, Mathematics student (2018)

Émy Roberge, Biology student (2017)

Gabriel Dansereau. Ecology student (2017)

Vincent-Daniel Girard, Biotechnology engineering (2017)

Guillaume Provost, Biochemistry student (2017)

Jason Argouin, Ecology student (2016)

Michael Reddick, Physics student (2016) 

Boureima Traore, Economics student (2016)

René St-Onge, Physics student (2016)

Olivier Germain, Mathematics student (2016)

Mélissa Paquet, Ecology student (2015)

Samuel Faucher, Physics student (2013)

Raphaelle Mercier-Gauthier, Ecology student (2013)

Roxane Poirier, Ecology student (2013)

Maxime Leroux, Economics student (2013)

Jean-Louis Barnwell-Ménard, Economics student (2012)

Ridha Louati, Computer Science student (2012)

Vincent Morissette-Thomas, Mathematics student (2012)

Marie Thuy Mai Dang, Pharmacology student (2011)

Jian Yong, Biostatistics student (2011)

Claudia Barboni, Geomatics student (2011)

Francis Dusseault-Bélanger, Mathematics student (2010)

Graduate student trainees

Diana Leung, Foreign trainee (2017-2018)

Elise O’Carroll, Medicine student (2014-2015)

Véronique Croteau, Master’s internship (2011)