Current lab members

Véronique Legault, MSc (Neurosciences)

Research assistant


Mingxin Liu, BSc (Mathematics)

Research Assistant


Robert Ziman, BASc (Engineering Science)

Research associate

Development of simulation-based dynamical system models for studying age-related physiological dysregulation.


Serge-Étienne Parent, PhD (Ecological engineering)

Research associate


Francis B. Lavoie, PhD (Chemical engineering)

Post-doctoral research fellow

Algorithm developement for human aging identification and quantification improvement.


Yasmine Serme, MD, MSc (Environmental and occupational epidemiology)

PhD student (in co-direction with Larissa Takser)

Thyroid disrupters and child cerebral development : The case of brominated flame-retardants in the GESTE cohort.

Frédérik Dufour, MSc (Biochemistry)

PhD student (in co-direction with Pierre-Étienne Jacques)

Study of physiological system dysregulation in aging: a bioinformatics approach.

Guillaume Provost, BSc (Biochemistry)

Master student (in co-direction with Tamàs Fülöp)

Study of senescent and exhausted immune cells markers.

Helen Huang, BSc

Master student (in co-direction with Nancy Presse)

Determinants of vitamin B12 status in healthy elders: data from the prospective NuAge cohort. 

Sewanou Hermann Honfo, PhD (Biometrics)

Post-doctoral research fellow

Diet, Physiological dysregulation, and aging: understanding longitudinal links through trajectory analysis.


Thomas Gobeil, MSc intern (Physics)