Current lab members

























Véronique Legault, MSc (Neurosciences)

Research assistant


Tina Wey, PhD (Ecology)

Research assistant



Yasmine Serme, MD, MSc (Environmental and occupational epidemiology)

PhD student (in co-direction with Larissa Takser, September 2013-)

Thyroid disrupters and child cerebral development : The case of brominated flame-retardants in the GESTE cohort


Annie Larouche, MSc (Pharmacology)

Master student (in co-direction with Alain Vanasse, April 2014-)

Association between antipsychotic treatment type and risk of rehospitalisation for patients who had an episode of schizophrenia


Valérie Jarry, PhD (Demography)

Post-doctoral research fellow (in co-direction with Hélène Payette, January 2015-)

Influences of nutrition and socioeconomic context on physiological dysregulation and aging


Marie Brunet, PhD (Pharmacology)

Post-doctoral research fellow (in co-direction with Xavier Roucou, January 2016-)

Evolution and function of alternative proteins


Frédérik Dufour, MSc (Biochemistry)

PhD student (in co-direction with Pierre-Étienne Jacques, September 2016-)

Study of physiological system dysregulation in aging: a bioinformatics approach.


Diana Leung, BSc (Biomedical engineering)

Foreign trainee