Current lab members


Véronique Legault, MSc (Neurosciences)

Research assistant


Tina Wey, PhD (Ecology)

Research assistant


Émy Bourdages, BSc (Demography)

Research agent


Yasmine Serme, MD, MSc (Environmental and occupational epidemiology)

PhD student (in co-direction with Larissa Takser)

Thyroid disrupters and child cerebral development : The case of brominated flame-retardants in the GESTE cohort.


Marie Brunet, PhD (Pharmacology)

Post-doctoral research fellow (in co-direction with Xavier Roucou)

Evolution and function of alternative proteins.



Frédérik Dufour, MSc (Biochemistry)

PhD student (in co-direction with Pierre-Étienne Jacques)

Study of physiological system dysregulation in aging: a bioinformatics approach.

Diana Leung, BSc (Biomedical engineering)

Foreign trainee

Study of complex systems.

Julie Landes, PhD (Ecology)

Post-doctoral research fellow (in co-direction with Fanie Pelletier)

Study of senescence in wild populations.

Guillaume Provost, BSc (Biochemistry)

Master student (in co-direction with Tamàs Fülöp)

Study of senescent and exhausted immune cells markers.

Ahmed Ghachem, PhD (Gerontology)

Post-doctoral research fellow

Study of longitudinal links between diet, physiological dysregulation, and aging.