Current lab members

Véronique Legault, MSc (Neurosciences)

Research assistant


Mingxin Liu, BSc (Mathematics)

Research Assistant


Robert Ziman, BASc (Engineering Science)

Research associate

Development of simulation-based dynamical system models for studying age-related physiological dysregulation.


Francis B. Lavoie, PhD (Chemical engineering)

Post-doctoral research fellow

Algorithm developement for human aging identification and quantification improvement.


Yasmine Serme, MD, MSc (Environmental and occupational epidemiology)

PhD student (in co-direction with Larissa Takser)

Thyroid disrupters and child cerebral development : The case of brominated flame-retardants in the GESTE cohort.


Marie Brunet, PhD (Pharmacology)

Post-doctoral research fellow (in co-direction with Xavier Roucou)

Evolution and function of alternative proteins.

Frédérik Dufour, MSc (Biochemistry)

PhD student (in co-direction with Pierre-Étienne Jacques)

Study of physiological system dysregulation in aging: a bioinformatics approach.

Guillaume Provost, BSc (Biochemistry)

Master student (in co-direction with Tamàs Fülöp)

Study of senescent and exhausted immune cells markers.

F. Guillaume Blanchet, PhD (Conservation Biology)

Post-doctoral research fellow (in co-direction with Dominique Gravel)

Development of statistical methods to better understand the immune system holistically using hierarchical models.

Helen Huang, BSc

Master student (in co-direction with Nancy Presse)

Determinants of vitamin B12 status in healthy elders: data from the prospective NuAge cohort. 

Sewanou Hermann Honfo, PhD (Biometrics)

Post-doctoral research fellow

Diet, Physiological dysregulation, and aging: understanding longitudinal links through trajectory analysis.


Cassandra Guillemette, undergrad intern (Mathematics)

Association of populational inflammatory profile and rates of complication to COVID-19: a comparative study across countries.

Marianne Malette, undergrad intern (Ecology)

Study of early warning signals preceding critical transitions in human data.

Amber Hewett, undergrad intern (Computer Science)

Management and biostatistical analysis of human data.