Research as service

We view research as a service profession, such as teaching, medicine, and nursing, in which researchers are paid largely by governments and have an obligation to responsible use of funds to benefit society. These benefits can be applied, but can just as easily be contributions to basic knowledge. Key goals of this lab are to:

  1. Improve our understanding of the biology of aging
  2. Improve our understanding of physiological regulation
  3. Develop tools (e.g. algorithms) based on this understanding that will improve the health of the population
  4. Develop tools that will help other researchers better measure physiological state
  5. Teach statistics to a wide variety of people (doctors, students, laypeople) as a tool for them to better understand their worlds and their professions
  6. Change certain paradigms (scientific, statistical, and in the research system) that diminish the quality of research and its appropriate uptake by society
  7. Create a lab environment that is also a community and social group, and that provides fulfilling employment for as many people as possible.